Different types of tourists

A non-formal definition: A camera in hand; shorts and long socks; alone or accompanied; with a map or an iPhone. Do you recognize it? Is it a tourist perhaps? Yes, of course it is. Now, let us try with a formal definition: A person who travels away from her home and spends more than 24 hours and less than a year in a certain place. People can travel for business and professional reasons, for leisure and holiday, to visit friends or relatives, etc. However, all of them are different motifs and consequently, there exist different types of tourists.

First of all, there are the Organized Mass Tourists, they buy a vacation package so they do not have to worry or plan anything. The vacation package inclused the flight, the hotel, the restaurants and also the trips. It is the more comfortable form of travelling because you don’t have to plan anything, you just go and enjoy.

Second, Individual Mass Tourists, this type of tourists goes to a travel agency to buy the tickets, but he or she plans everything and does not like to go with big groups of tourists, he prefers to go on her own.

Explorers is another type of tourists, those who travel alone or in pairs, they try to establish closer contacts with locals, different from the other types of tourists.They take a map of the city and plan the trips, search the restaurants…

Finally, Drifters, they avoid contact with tourists and tourists shops, they prefer to stay with the locals and adopt their customs.

And to sum up, this type of funny/modern- tourists that locals tend to hate.

The typical tourist that loves to buy the typical shirt “I ♥ ____”


The tourist that dress like… tourists.


and finally, the “Tourists who think they’re clever”, they take the same photos as everyone and make the same as other tourists.

Cause no one’s ever taken that photo before.



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– Wyllie, Robert. (2000) Tourism and society, a guide to problems and issues. Venture.

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